Princess Mina Puzzles! (Haba)

Last fall I illustrated a set of 3 princess puzzles for HABA. That was a very fun project!

A few days ago we received a biiiiig package with our sample puzzles. It’s always so exciting to see the final result of something we worked on! And what can we say? The result is gorgeous. The quality is very good, which is what you’d expect from HABA. ;)   The colors come out amazing. We’re very, very happy with how they came out.

Let’s show you some pictures, shall we?

Biiig box! The dog approves. How could we NOT put them together? Finished number one. Number two. And number three! And here's all of them, all done.

Thank you, HABA!

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2 comments on “Princess Mina Puzzles! (Haba)
  1. Edor says:

    Muy wapos los puzzles, a mis sobrinas les encantarían, van todo el.día vestidas de princesas……a quién habrán salido….son fáciles de conseguir?
    Voy a investigar…..
    Un abrazo!

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