Princess Coralie (Klein Toys)

Sooo… Here’s something that has been in the making since 2014, but we couldn’t show you anything yet!
Marc and I have been working together with the German toy manufacturer Klein Toys to create / expand a new line of toys that finally came out around Christmas last year.

The main part of the work is done by Marc here, I mostly take care of the watercolors. So he designed the characters and illustrated 4 little storybooks. Based on these characters and some of the elements in the books, Klein Toys made quite a few toys – plushies, figures, a toy castle and more.

Around November, we received a BIG package with aaaall of the toys. It was like early Christmas and so exciting to see all the finished products!

For now we’ll just leave you with a few pictures, but we’re going to show you some of the products more up close in the upcoming weeks. :)

These are the 4 picture books that got it all started, in a way.
Look at all that stuff lined up on our sofa!
Here's a closer look.
And here's another one.
This one we received a little later, which is why it's on a separate picture.

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