So, exciting news!
We’ve joined up with mowaii‘s Creative Director David Grasekamp for a little experiment on his website!

The idea is something he had in mind for a while now: We provide images for his website (for a limited time) and he creates a page to present us and our works, along with a link to our portfolio. He sent out newsletters and let agencies and the media know about this.

As we said, it’s an experiment, and we have no idea what kind of response (if any) it will have, but it’s still exciting!

David Grasekamp (Drawing & Ink by Marc Rueda, Colors by Janina Görrissen)

As a little thank you for his efforts, and because we didn’t have any suitable image for his profile page, we painted this little portrait for David.

So! We’ll see how this goes.

Oh and by the way, David’s idea is to keep this thing up with different “Talents ” (as you might have seen, we are “Talent nº 1″), so if you are an artist yourself and reading this, you could drop him a message if you’re interested in participating!

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