Happy New Year!

January has already begun a couple of weeks ago, but nevertheless, we wish all of you a very happy new year!

Also, we apologize for the lack of updates last year… It’s been a little difficult to find the time to work on the website ever since our little son was born in April 2016!
Fortunately, with maternity/paternity leave and all, you didn’t miss all that much.

Anyway, we hope to keep you more up to date this year, so let’s start with our annual Christmas Card!

A little explanation might be needed here:
In Catalonia – where Marc comes from – there is a slightly odd Christmas tradition which is called the Tió de Nadal, or Cagatió. This translates into “Christmas Log” or “Poop Log”. Yes, you read correctly.

The Cagatió is a little log with legs, a painted face and a red hat (usually a catalan “barretina”, although Marc chose to draw a Christmas hat). Starting on December 8, the children feed the Tió every day and cover him with a blanket so he won’t get cold.
Then on Christmas Eve, they hit the log with sticks while they sing to him to poop out presents. And surprise, surprise! When they lift his blanket, there are presents underneath.

So yeah. That’s what’s on the card. And it’s so much more fun than Santa.

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