New Conni books for 2018

Happy new year!

We already posted this on our Facebook page a while back, but here’s what’s next in the Conniverse for 2018!

In spring, we’ll have 3 new books coming out: “Conni goes to school”, “Conni makes pancakes” and a “school friends” book (kind of like a poetry album where your friends can write and draw stuff about themselves) similar to the “kindergarten friends” that came out last year.

'My school friends' and 'Conni goes to school'
'Conni makes pancakes'

Also, but this is already for 2019, there will be 2 calendars coming out by Lappan, a family calendar with columns for up to 5 family members and a calender which the kids can color themselves!

Conni calendars for 2019.

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