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Hamster maze


Back in February Marc was commissioned to draw 3 new mazes for the Junior magazine – here’s the first. The task was “a hamster looking for his food”. So there it is! Next time: next maze!

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Underground Friends


We’ve decided to do some new portfolio samples for children’s books, so here’s my first (we’re doing those in our free time, so it might take a while for each). It’s a little homage to the shrew who lives in

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Family Christmas card


So here’s the Christmas card our family and friends got from us. That’s both of us there falling from the cliff, plus our dog Teddy. And now we’re done catching up on old stuff, so we’ll be able to show

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Christmas cards, part 2


As promised, here’s the second set of illustrations for last year’s Christmas cards – these are the ones I did. Here’s how they turned out in the end (sorry for the over-saturated colors… that’s the photo’s fault): Last but not

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