Obedience class

This is our dog Teddy. We adopted him from the shelter little over a year ago. We’re his fourth home, as far as we know.

I take him to obedience classes. He’s really quite good at it. Maybe that’s because, at his 8 years, he’s much calmer than most of the other dogs there, which are also much younger.


He’s starting to get the whole “heel” concept. I think. But he still needs to be lured with treats.


One of the main reason we go to the classes is that he’s not good with other dogs. In fact, he’s afraid of all of them, so he just growls when-ever another dog gets too close to him.

I think he’s getting better, but who knows.


Sometimes, after an encounter with another dog, he looks up to me like this. I hope he’ll get over his fear some day. But even if he only gets a little better, that’s great.
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