Klara & Po

For some months now, Marc has been working on little single-panel comics for a butcher’s shop called Baur. He puts these in his promotional flyers and apparently, some people are avid collectors by now!

The ideas and texts are provided by the client (© Frank Baur) and Marc has a lot of fun doing these!
The texts are in Swabian, one of Germany’s many dialects, so I roughly translated the dialogues the best that I could.
And yes, some of them are pretty harsh and not apt for vegetarians! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Po: Oh Klara, why do you have such biiiig red eyes?  Klara: Don't interrupt me, I'm trying to poop!
Klara: Hey Po, I'm leaving for a wellness weekend to pamper myself!  Po: You don't need to do that, we have everything right here! Mud packs, hot stones and massage brushes.
Klara: Oh God, where have you been in your holidays? Didn't you get anything to eat?  Po: I did the St. James pilgrimage and totally forgot to eat with all that self-discovery!
Klara: Why do you look like that, and what kind of place is this?  Po: Thisss is my ssssecret brewerrry!
Klara: Hey Po, did you know you can win a Christmas order at Baur's?  Po: Of course, that's why I made two orders right away!
Klara: Hey Po, are you coming ice skating?  Po: Nah, I'd just break my neck!  Klara: Aw, come on! It will be fine, and if anything happens, the butchers at Baur's will be happy about that!

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